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When we talk about fitness at home, the treadmill home is probably one of the first equipment that comes to mind. The best treadmill for the home in KSA helps the user work out at a convenient time, and it can record different parameters of the session for analysis. But before using the treadmill, the person should be aware of its functions and features for better use. Treadmills are powerful calorie-torching tools. Get a better treadmill for home with all the perks of advanced technology from leading brands like Sole FitnessNordicTrackMarix,  AftonBH FitnessProFormHorizon Fitness and more at best prices.

Treadmill Machine Buying Guide

Treadmills are one of the most widely used types of home fitness equipment nowadays. The treadmill is a simple and effective way to get an aerobic workout. Buying a treadmill to start a new workout program is one of the best and most straightforward moves you can make to improve your health.

Walking as a type of exercise is widely tolerated and suitable for people of all fitness levels. You can also use the treadmill for jogging and interval training as your endurance improves. It aids in the burning of additional calories, weight management, muscle strengthening, and cardiovascular system health.

We've put together a basic buying guide to assist you in making your decision.

Folding and Non-folding Treadmills

Before purchasing a treadmill, make sure you evaluate the available floor space for storage. If you have a folding treadmill, you'll need to figure out how to store it. The overall size is influenced by the amount of running space required by the user (belt size).

Folding Type: This is best suited for tiny exercise facilities because it saves floor space. Treadmills that fold can be locked, and some have an automated system for lowering and raising the running machine's deck. Treadmills that fold up are ideal for use at home, in apartments, or in smaller workout areas.

Non-folding Type: These machines are more stable than folding models, are stronger and harder, cost more, and are of higher quality. They are reliable and perform at a high level. Even the heaviest people may use them without swaying.

Track Size

Choosing the right track size is crucial, especially for taller people. This ready-made table will assist you in determining the machine's track size.

Method of exerciseYour heightBelt size (Minimum)
Belt width
Walking & Jogging< 5'7"47"
16" to 18"
Walking & Jogging
> 5'7" <  6' 4"
50"16" to 18"
Walking & Jogging
> 6'5" < 6'11"
52"16" to 18"
Running< 5'7"
50"18" to 20"
> 5'7" <  6' 4"
56"18" to 20"
> 6'5" < 6'11"
60"18" to 20"

Speed Characteristics

A maximum speed that you can look out for in treadmills is at least at least 10 - 12 km/h. However, some machines can run at 16 km/h (10 mph). For a beginner with running goals, choose a machine that can run up to 12+ km/h.

Treadmill Incline 

Treadmill machine with inclines make the exercises more interesting by varying the workout. Incliner treadmills allow the user to burn as much calories as running when simply walking. Whereas home treadmills generally have a maximum incline of 10%, 15%, 20%, trainer treadmills have 40% incline.

Their benefits include:

  • Easy on the joints 
  • Faster calorie burn 
  • Support better muscle definition

Treadmill Cushioning

The right amounts of cushioning and deck support are required when walking, jogging, or running, especially if you have sensitive knees and joints. The impact zone in the front provides maximum cushioning to absorb the initial strike impact of your foot. 

The middle portion is a transition zone with moderate cushioning and provides both comfort and stability. The rear portion of the deck or the push-off zone has a firm cushion to impart maximum momentum into the next running stride. 

Motor Power

Many treadmills have a continuous power rating between 1.5 hp and 3.0 hp; a higher rating indicates a smoother motion, and powerful performance and a quieter motor. This is suited for running.

Other features 

On-board consoles display total running time, calories burned, distance covered, and pulse rate. Advanced treadmill consoles announce email arrivals and stream movies as well. 
Workout Programs automatically vary the intensity the workouts by changing either the speed or incline. Adjustments can be made manually. Some machines offer programs for interval training.
There are different heart rate monitors available on treadmills. Your heart rate is measured by gripping the sensors on the front. The heart rate control feature allows the intensity of your workout to be maintained within a preset zone.
The latest treadmills are loaded with extra features  such as speakers, touch screens, web browsers, tablet holders, water bottle holders, wheels, LCD TV, etc., among others.

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