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Looking to buy a pool table for your home, or recreational space? Urban Fitness Cart offers a huge selection of billiards, pool tables and  accessories to buy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and all over UAE. We offer top of the line pool tables for sale in all budgets and sizes to create a perfect billiard setup to enjoy your game. 

What is the right size for my pool table?

The right size depends on your preferred type of play and available space. A 9ft pool table is ideal for professional settings and larger rooms, 8ft tables for a balanced room size and playing space, and 7ft pool tables are perfect for smaller spaces and casual play.

Is a 7 foot pool table good?

A 7ft Table is a good option if you are a casual player and play occasionally with your friends or family. A 7ft table is also a good choice if you have limited space to fit a pool table.

How to choose the correct table top?

Marble tops are tournament-grade, preferred for their flatness and smooth gameplay, while wooden tops (MDF) are budget-friendly and lighter but may require more maintenance.

How do I choose a pool table cushion?

High-end cushions provide excellent response and accuracy for competitive play, while budget-friendly options like Melien offer decent quality for casual players.

Which pocket type should I choose for my pool table?

Ball return systems streamline gameplay by collecting balls in one place, while drop pockets offer a classic experience and require manual ball retrieval.

Which pool table is right for me?

Competition-level pool tables are best for serious players, while wooden pool tables with MDF frames are more affordable and offer a balance between quality and cost.

How much space do I need for my pool table?

Ensure at least 5 feet (1.52 meters) of space around the billiard table for comfortable shooting and cue stroking.

Which frame should I choose for my pool table?

Solid wood frames offer durability and stability, while particleboard or MDF frames balance affordability and performance.

What to look for in a pool table cloth?

High-quality cloth from brands like CPBA and Simonis provides a smoother, faster surface for better gameplay. It also offer good durability for your table.

What pool table accessories do I need?

Essential accessories include pool cues, gloves, balls, bridge head, brush, triangle rack, and cue chalk. These can be included with your billiard table or purchased separately.

How are the pool tables delivered and set up?

Professional assembly is required for most pool tables. We offer free and express delivery options, along with professional pool table setup services to ensure proper assembly. Check out our delivery and return policy page for more information. 

Pool Tables for Sale at Urban Fitness Cart

At Urban Fitness Cart, we have pool tables for sale in Dubai and UAE wide from top brands like Beverly, Princely, Roma Italy, TA Sports, Toronto, Victory and more. We offer 100% genuine product guarantee, free installation and after sale support, so you can enjoy your game without having to worry about anything. 

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