Adidas Metalbone Carbon 3.3 Padel Racket

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  • Play Level : Advanced
  • Foam : Hybrid
  • Shape : Diamond
  • Weight : 355-360g
  • Surface material : Carbon fiber
  • Type of racket : Power
  • Gender : Man
  • Surface : Slightly rough
  • Collection: 2024

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This top-of-the-range padel racket, made from top-quality materials, is also defined by its durability, thanks to several reinforcement zones around the frame. Its "light" weight of 345-360g counterbalances the distribution at the head of the racket, giving it maneuverability. This is a racket that remains very comfortable to play.
Adidas has opted for EVA SOFT Performance foam as the core of Metalbone Carbon. This high-quality hybrid foam, which is neither too rigid nor too soft, provides a sensation of speed when coming out of the racket and comfort when playing, as well as a certain amount of control when the intensity on the court increases.
The surface is made of "carbon aluminized 2 to 1" fiber. This ultra-resistant hybrid carbon fiber is neither too rigid nor too flexible. It gives the snowshoe great impact power without compromising playing comfort. 
The octagonal frame structure provides extra power and resistance.
For lovers of spin, Adidas Padel uses two additional technologies (Spin Blade & Smart Holes Curves) exclusively designed to increase the spin of all Metalbone and Adipower racquets.  
The non-linear drilling pattern on the Metalbone Carbon 3.3 2024 heads allows better manoeuvrability to accentuate the spin in your shots. Coupled with the 3D Spin Blade relief, you'll find one of the most spin-enhancing paddle rackets on the market.
The plus point of the Metalbone range is undoubtedly its customizable "weigh & balance" technology. This allows weights to be added in predefined positions on the racket. This is a real advantage for players who want to slightly modify the balance and weight of their racket.
The Adidas METALBONE Carbon is designed for advanced to expert padel players with an aggressive style and good technique. A demanding padel racket, it requires good physical condition. Once you've got the hang of it, you won't be disappointed in terms of power and ball speed. Explosive on attacking shots, it will make you a successful attacking player.
Comfortable at impact yet maneuverable thanks to its "light" weight, this quality racquet, once tamed, will make you a danger to all your opponents. 
Don't wait any longer, treat yourself to Ale Galán's racquet, the world number 1 on the WPT circuit. It's available in our online store.
The Metalbone Carbon from Adidas is a Padel racket designed for power and aggression. This model, with its quality finish and design, will be your companion for many months to come. All the technologies and materials used in this Padel racket have been chosen to make it a real offensive weapon. 
When I tried out the racket, I was immediately surprised by its ball speed when coming out of the racket. Particularly on attacking shots such as volleys and smashes. The weight distribution at the head of the racquet is noticeable from the very first strokes.
Light in weight, I was pleasantly surprised by its maneuverability, which gave me better control when exchanges accelerated. After a few minutes' adjustment, it becomes a real offensive weapon! Extremely comfortable to play, despite a heavy head!
A racquet for players with a good level of technique, who want to increase their power and aggressiveness. Don't wait any longer! If you're looking for a Padel racket with the same control-oriented characteristics, look no further than the Metalbone CTRL 3.3.
Brand Adidas Padel
Model Number ADRK1AA3
Department unisex
Product Type Court Sports
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