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  • Players with sweating problems who are looking for a solution to prevent the racket from slipping.
  • Players with epicondylitis problems . NOX Custom Grip reduces the vibrations that are transmitted to the player's hand and allows the racket to be gripped with less muscular effort, thus reducing the risk of injury. 

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Advantages compared to other similar gripping solutions on the market:

  • NOX Custom Grip allows the player to fully customize the grip of his racket, adjusting it perfectly to the dimensions of his hand and the distance between the fingers through a system of silicone rings. 
  • NOX Custom Grip improves grip comfort by presenting less relief in the contact area with the palm of the hand.
  • NOX Custom Grip is very easy to install , being able to be placed on the grip that comes standard with the racket or on the bare racket.
  • NOX Custom Grip does not require any accessory or tool for its placement and is easily interchangeable from one racket to another.
  • NOX Custom Grip introduces less weight into the racket compared to other similar products, respecting the balance and behavior of the racket as much as possible.
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