Reebok Lifting Straps - Black

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Enhance your lifting performance with Reebok Lifting Straps in sleek black, providing optimal grip and support for heavy weightlifting.
  • Looped fastening
  • Durable woven material
  • Sold as a pair
  • 55cm length
  • Reduces grip fatigue

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Brand Reebok
Model Number FASA2600
Department unisex
Product Type Functional
Reebok Lifting Straps are designed with a fully adjustable and secure loop fastening for quick application. Unlike pre-stitched loops, these straps let you adjust the size of the wrist loop and take full control of how you want to use them. These straps are sold as a pair and the total length of each strap is 55cm.

Made from high quality woven material, these Reebok lifting straps offer maximum durability and support. The soft feel material makes the straps more flexible and gentle on your wrists, preventing the possible damage that the pressure from heavy weights could cause to your skin.

Lifting straps are used to help you hold the heavy weight in your hands. One end is looped around your wrists while the other is wrapped around the barbell or dumbbell attaching the weight to your hands.

Doing so improves your grip on the weight you are holding and helps prevent it from sliding out of your hands which may happen due to lack of grip strength, sweating, using barbells with no knurling or overall grip fatigue after repeating numerous sets of exercises.

Thanks to the lifting straps you will be able to continue exercising the targeted muscle group even if your grip strength gives out before the muscle group does. That means you can work on the weights suitable for the strength of the chosen muscle group regardless of the grip strength.
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